From Liverpool to the Attenborough Nature Reserve

#Destination Scotland

One thing I learned to ask while travelling with the Wandering Individuals Network #rvsingles is why take a break from driving when you can create an event en route to your next destination? So while travelling all the way West to East across England from Liverpool to, eventually Lowestoft, the pin in the middle came down enticingly close to the Attenborogh Nature Reserve…

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So this looks like a boring bit of boardwalk but it was actually the venue for my lazy lunch, as the cafe tables were right here at the water’s edge … see that platform sort of left of centre in the lake, in front of another island? Well its only the nesting ground for Arctic Terns (Sterna paradisaea) who were flying to and fro continuously! What a delight! I first learned to recognise their call by their Icelandic name ‘Kría’, when they arrive in Iceland and fly over the lake in the middle of the city or the pond near the Nordic Arts Centre it is a sure sign that Spring is on its way, and end to another of the ten dark winters I spent in Reykjavik!
The Canada Geese sailing by, all in a row Northwards, reminded me of my time in Vancouver, where I first saw the big birds so very much at home, strutting around in parks and in fact any green space, vociferously commenting on the humans busily bustling around them without so much as casting a glance in their direction. Perhaps these Geese had dropped in for a lunch break too on their own migration?

This photo before and after editing, will make more sense when you follow me into the main building to see the pictures at an exhibition…

Still at the Attenborough Nature Reserve. My sincere apologies to Faye Baines, a Nottingham based artist creating vibrant acrylic paintings. These are bright and luminous, the images flow across the surface of the canvas giving it movement and life. The quality of these photographs reflect much too much of me and my camera in the polished picture frames than I would have liked, please be assured the artwork is superb, when seen with no shadows or reflections!

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