After many months wandering across the North American continent and curious about the antecedents of those who I met there, my focus was brought to bear on the land of my birth.

A sort of pilgrimage, if you like, but less of a Camino De Santiago and more of a Camino de Ángela, because in the words of Jacques Revaux… “I did it my way.” Visiting some churches yes, but my attention was on the great repositories of art and culture that i would find along the route.

So, after spending some time in my adopted home upon this Rock, enjoying rest and recuperation. I stepped out in faith once more. What better jumping off point for this new adventure, than the most southerly point of Gibraltar, overlooking the Strait, where the Pillars of Hercules stand sentinel.

Wikipedia will inform you that “The Europa Point Lighthouse, also referred to as the Trinity Lighthouse at Europa Point and the Victoria Tower or La Farola in Llanito*, is a lighthouse at Europa Point, on the southeastern tip of the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula, at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.”

Many of us know it has a higher symbolism, once the centre point of a demonstration by many people of good will in Gibraltar’s community, including as many denominations of believers as was possible, who were invited to come and pray for Peace.

*Llanito: The colloquial language of the Gibraltarians.

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